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  • Stop Your New Business From Failing in 2 - 5 Years!

    Doing 6 things can increase the chance your business survives past 5 years by 64%.

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    Checkout our most popular courses. We only use the best products, no matter who they are developed by.

    Bulletproof Your Mindset: Key to Your Success 

    Developing a strong mindset is one of the most important skills you need. Everyday you are tempted to stray from your life journey by social media, helpful friends, your inner thoughts, and that voice who seems to think you should only listen to them. Taking control of your mental power and harness it to work with you on meaningful goals.

    Entrepreneur Roadmap: Startup to Legacy

    Starting your own business is exciting and frightening at the same time. Having a road map that takes you from startup, through becoming stable, growing to meet the demand of new customers and transforming for long term growth and success helps you add tools and staff at the right time. This budget conscious roadmap keeps you focused on what you need so you limit spending until you need to.

    Leadership Growth and Development

    Leadership takes many forms and develops new skills when needed along growth journey. Leading for Success builds strong character when  starting out to overcome personal obstacles and build a strong mindset and personal skill set. When the time comes, Leading for Significance takes over when you are growing,  increasing staff, or managing workers who report to you.,

    World Class Services

    Personal & Business Branding, Websites, and SEO

    Branding defines your values and what you stand for. It tells those who visit your website how they should expected to be treated and what they should expect to receive in products and services. SEO helps people find you on the first page of browser search results.

    Digital Marketing & Social Media Management

    Attracting attention in today's digital world requires working smarter to locate your potential clients. A robust Social Media Management strategy with current Digital Marketing best practices can  be just what's needed while trying to grow your business and keeping an eye on ROI.

    Coaching & Consulting

    Coaching is a tool you should be using to improve your results. Your coach helps you go farther and accomplish more than you thought possible. Consulting analyzes your business and provides a plan of action to solve problems, scale your business, or maximize your current business practices.

    My Clients

    Listen to what others are saying about our support.

    Until I met Randy, I did not understand the benefit of having a coach. I always thought that I did pretty good reaching my goals but he helped me set goals that were more challenging and when I completed one it meant more to me than before. 

    Michael T.

    South Carolina, United States

    Randy is knowledgeable of the topics he teaches and very patient with those in the class. On more that one occasion he has explained things in different ways until everyone understands the topic and how they can apply it to their particular business.

    Mary H.

    North Carolina, United states

    I have attended training classes from some well know names but Randy was able to help me understand what my passion was and my whole business changed. Now that I have a clear vision of who I am and how I help others, my motivation and love for what I want to do has skyrocketed

    Jerry D.

    London, United Kingdom